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Dylan Schofield

Mortgage Agent Level 2 - Lic.# M22002710

Every journey begins with a single step, and in my case, it started at the crossroads of technology, marketing, and design. My first role was in the realm of graphic design where I learnt to weave stories using visual aids. This experience prepared me for my position as a Graphic Designer at the Biomass North Development Centre in North Bay Ontario, where I spent time intricately designing visual representations of complex concepts such as supply chains and closed-loop economies. I went on to create signage and visual aids for events, helping to bring concepts to life for diverse audiences.

The knowledge gained here was invaluable when I transitioned into my role as a Remote Graphic Designer at Gary Vaynerchuk's sports agency VaynerSports based out of New York and Los Angeles California. I learnt the power of social media and how design can create impact on these platforms. I not only honed my design skills but also developed an understanding of content strategy and the production of recruitment decks and presentations.

The fusion of technology, design, and an understanding of the digital space paved the way for my position as a Marketing and Advertising Specialist at Media Suite Inc in Barrie Ontario. Here, I navigated the world of digital marketing, managing budgets, growing client bases, and implementing data-driven marketing strategies. Through my proactive efforts and strategic planning, I played a major role in the agency achieving the status of a Google Partner. This experience led to a profound understanding of marketing platforms and their nuances, and I was able to master campaign management, conversion tracking, and performance reporting. Moreover, this role nurtured my client-facing skills and enhanced my abilities to understand and meet their specific needs.

This blend of technology, design, and marketing prepared me for an exciting role as a Technology Coordinator at Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies VFX out of Toronto Ontario, where I was entrusted with managing data programs for their AI division and orchestrating projects for enterprise and divisional tooling. I learned to optimize agile software and identify solutions for improving development environments. This experience solidified my operational and technological expertise and underscored the significance of a user-focused approach in all aspects of my work.

Over the years, I have also cultivated a keen interest in finance and real estate, culminating in my current role as a Mortgage Agent with Rock Capital Mortgage. Here, I have leveraged all my past experiences, employing my diverse skill set to provide confident, trusted, and stable mortgage solutions.

This journey may not be a typical path for a mortgage agent, but it has been instrumental in shaping my approach to work. My experiences in design, technology, and marketing allow me to bring a unique perspective to the table. I utilize these skills to provide personalized, efficient services that stand out in the world of mortgages.

But at the heart of it all, my drive remains the same as it was on day one - a desire to use my broad skill set to guide and serve others, to create impactful solutions in any field I navigate. From marketing, technology, and finance to real estate, my purpose is clear: I am here to help you navigate the world of mortgages with confidence and ease, ensuring you find a solution tailored to your needs.

As your mortgage agent, my commitment to you goes beyond providing financial solutions. It is about building relationships, understanding your needs, ensuring your comfort, and making your dreams a reality.

Driven by personal agency and a passion for helping others, I welcome you to embark on your own journey with me, Dylan Schofield, Mortgage Agent. 

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